Must Watch – Ryan Leslie Drops Money Making Gems While Visiting Hot 97


Ryan Leslie has been so obscure in the last few years, that when he recently sat down with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show, they asked him about his lost laptop a few years back.

Turns out Ryan’s been too busy making a crap ton of money to be still worried about his laptop. Clearly he has a legal team on that now. He can’t be bothered with such trivial semantics.

Turns out, Ryan drops a great interview about making money in the modern digital world of social media. The Harvard graduate has it down to such a science that he’s offering it to the world so you can get your money too.

Ask a professional blogger about conversion rates, and they can drop knowledge on you about their figures like a true CEO. Professional being the key word. Examples like Awesomely Luvvie, Pinch of Yum, NaturalHairRules!!!, Necole Bitchie, and Perez Hilton are professionals – and professionals know what behaviors make them money. And they know the sources of their money – their audience. Blogging is still considered a joke in many circles, like trying to become a hip-hop artist, but it’s all laughs when your little slice of the internet is funding your entire lifestyle. All due to conversion rates.

Don’t quite yet understand that? It’s okay, Ryan and his team will do all the work and you can chill and smoke and create all day if you want to – for a percentage of course. About 20% to be exact.

Not enough twitter followers? It’s ok, Ryan got you. Not making enough per show? It’s ok, Ryan got you. Not converting your audience properly? It’s ok, Ryan got you.

Are you Cassie? It’s ok, because Ryan made you rich and he’s offering to do it all over again. Ryan got you.

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