Fueled by music, I’m just going to keep doing shit until I get the things I want out of life. It’s pretty simple. I plan on stumbling along the way, but I’ll leave breadcrumbs as I figure shit out. People are too afraid of every little thing all the damn time. Action powers through fear and makes worry obsolete. After fear only greatness remains – or death. Eh, gotta play to win, right?

 Fucking Depression


I’m not going out like my brother. Jesus.
An online journal seems like a reasonable alternative.

These are simply the stories I choose to share filtered through my lens on life. I want my son to know the person I was in addition to the person he came to know. I write a lot of letters to him. I want him to have a record of what his father noticed while raising him. Maybe it will help him through some of the demons he’s destined to face.

 My Life Experiment

What if the way we lived and the way we thought about ourselves was one and the same? Many of us have opinions and beliefs, but most of us don’t live a daily which reflects what we claim to believe.