Not Guilty: Don’t Agree With Zimmerman Verdict? You Can Dance Your Way to A Difference

Change simply comes from time and pressure.  Consistency and stamina are the agents of change in almost any scenario.  This is why change is inevitable – because Time is a relentless sommomabitch (R.I.P. Bernie).  Nothing out there has more consistency and stamina than Time.    

You want to make a change? 

Set a goal. Dedicate Time to it every week…everyday. Watch change occur. 

It’s that simple.  

You want to see your results multiply?  Then add this step:

Find Your Community

Oh what’s that? You don’t have the time? I wonder why that is?  Why is it you believe you don’t own the one true and most valuable asset anyone can ever possess? 

Upset about Trayvon?  Upset enough to put Time in?  

I love how designer, Karen Cheng, shows us what can happen with a goal, persistence, and time. Make a goal, challenge yourself, and grow into the change you want to see.  Find your inspiration, and you could literally dance yourself to the change you want to be.  Change itself is the only constant, so the question is are we going to progress with it?

Tell us your thoughts. Speak up – you have a voice.

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