Roy O Releases New Mixtape – Hue


Houston native up and coming rapper, Roy O released his newest full length mixtape Hue. You should download it HERE. The seven track project includes his single “The Friday Song” and shows a different side of the Houston rapper we didn’t see on his previous two releases, RoyOlty and the most recent Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Hue finds production credits from Trakksounds who has blessed work for artists such as 2 Chainz, Bun B, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, as well other Houston natives, Propain and Scarface.

And as a sure sign of two of Roy O’s consistent themes of progress and collaboration, he even lands Houston rap legend, Scarface to cosign his hustle on “Stay Tru.”

Some girls ain’t that fine, they just light skinned Can we please pay attention to the family system Lost a lot of fathers to the damn police system Can we please pay attention – stand your ground law Folk done got scared and made a black man law Due process don’t fit these stand-your-ground laws

See a law minus law that’s a lawless law

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