James Blake is Official and Why You Should Get to Know Him


James Blake’s music is haunting, beautiful, crafted, deliberate, calculated, soulful. He’s a part of the new UK sound, which have been dominating the airwaves recently. The first time I listened to James Blake’s album Overgrown I knew two things, 1) He was a star and 2) He would be adopted by hip-hop.

Check his [bonafide] credentials and decide for yourself, but the fact that he’s moved in with one of hip-hop’s hottest up and comer, Chance the Rapper is proving half of my theory true. We can’t wait to hear what these two have in store for 2015 and beyond.

But around here…it’s us that needs to keep up with him. He’s already decided his music is the shit. We need to catch up.

[bonafide] Credentials:

Life Round Here Remix ft. Chance the Rapper

Retrograde Live at Glastonbury 2014 (pay attention to how he crafts his song on stage)

Overgrown Official Video



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