A Playlist That Dreams Are Made Of – What's Your Dream?


As the blog gains more content, I’ll probably end up discussing much more about how I feel about music and it’s role in my life.  Music is so universal and intimately personal at the same time.  It speaks to us all on some level; and much like the Internet, has the power to join all of us together in ways we never imagined.

There’s ALMOST nothing I like better to do than to turn off everything in my home, and then turn on some good music.  Sometimes I dance alone.  Sometimes I dance with my son.  If we’re feeling extra playful that day, my wife may get in on the action with her own little two step.  Sometimes I’ll put a speaker on the patio and watch my dog play in they yard while the music serves as my backdrop.  Most of time, I simply sit, close my eyes and get lost in a playlist.


This is what I dream about. What about you?

I have a dream to one night sit outside on an open deck with multiple bottles of wine.  It’s extremely dark.  Behind me will be my house and a wall of floor to ceiling windows.  Behind those windows the house will be almost ominously dark with only trace amounts of light peeking through, but there will be nothing scary about it.  In front of me will be water and the sound of the waves will create the relaxed mood.  Above me, an infinite number of stars and a moon shining in its full detailed glory.  I actually even hope for a few clouds that night.  Not too many though.

I’ll be surrounded by a few choice people that get it.  That truly understand how lucky we are to even be sitting there in silence.  In awe.  They’ll understand the sheer wonder of life itself.  They’ll be people that I can have just as good a time being silent with or being completely ignorant.  Memories are better when you can later reflect on them with someone else.

Nothing will be rushed as none of us will have anywhere to be that week.  I will be a slave to no one.  All will be quiet.  

I’ll light a smoke and take more than a sip of wine.

Then – I’ll press play.  And this playlist will start; and all of sudden the music will be all around us.  Loud enough to clearly get across the emotion the song writer intended, but not so loud that it drowns out the waves.  And we will listen.  And then I will listen – and be gloriously lost.  I will be moved to tears – and I can’t wait.

As we grow in life and life experiences, so will this playlist.

A Playlist Dreams Are Made Of:

  1. Master Blaster – Stevie Wonder
  2. What If – Coldplay
  3. Lost in the World – Kanye West
  4. Pink Matter – Frank Ocean
  5. Rich Forever – Rick Ross ft. John Legend

Let’s just start with the top 3 tracks, but as this list grows, I’ll make a post for additions as to why it’s worthy to be on the list.  Some will have very little explanation as they’re self explanatory (if you’re familiar w/ the music and yes, Master Blaster HAS to be the first track).


How rich I would be to have this memory to reflect on with good people – friends and family alike.  This is my selfish and personal dream.  What’s yours?  Can you even dare to share it?


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