J. Cole Responds to Kendrick Lamar's Control Verse


J. Cole finally addresses Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse on the remix to Justin Timberlake’s “TKO” single. A$AP Rocky and Pusha T go hard as usual, so let’s not overlook their contributions. This new wave of hip hop artists are all gunning for the crown and there’s plenty of talent to go around. These are the moments that make the genre exciting all over again. Let us regular folk bask in and enjoy the artistry.

Cole to the rescue, never save a ho Hoes like to hide their behavior though Thought you was a down ass bitch ‘Til I found that shit a couple days ago I was home alone, next thing I know That long as verse from a song called “Control” was on The room got nearer, the tomb got clearer That’s when I seen the shit playin’ on your phone Girl, what is that? A ringtone? Shit, not you too Man, that hype done got you too Everybody and their momma gassed, Even my momma asked what I’mma do Decisions, decisions In case this is war, then I load up on all ammunition If a nigga want problems, my trigger’s on auto I’ll make sure that nobody miss him Now pack up your shit, you don’t believe in me I don’t need you, I got me, bitch Same nigga moved to NYC, bitch Got a record deal and a college degree, bitch Two gold plaques, I produced all the tracks And I never ever ever leave no Jay Z, bitch And after all that achievement Real nigga never even went and got his teeth fixed Now you try to play me, bitch?

I’ll knock your ass out

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