On The Run Trailer: Jay Z and Beyoncé Striving For a New Image of American Marriage

If an “it” couple ever existed, they couldn’t be larger than Jay Z and Beyonce are today.

They are huge.

For better or for worse, when they speak, people listen. When they move, people notice. When they invest, other’s follow suit. They set trends in multiple markets before they drink their breakfast orange juice in the morning.

Who does that?

They do. Get it? They are the Carter’s and they’re going to be around for a while.

Cliff and Clair Huxtable are arguably the only more culturally significant black couple – in America at least.

And with Jay Z and Beyoncé’s new concert trailer, it seems like they realize it.

And look, they’re an actual couple – not a scripted one.

Jay Z and Beyonce’s On the Run Tour has social media blazin with complaints of high ticket prices to set your eyes on THE dynamic-money-making-and-spending Throne the moguls have built for themselves. In their newest video, the traditionally private couple flaunt and flex their A-List status by bringing out Hollywood’s most highly sought after for their concert trailer. Because it’s cool to be Jay Z and Beyoncé’s trailer.

And that’s the point.

A black couple at their respective peaks is redefining what possible in business [note: Samsung deal], music [note: Beyoncé record breaking no promotion album], and now live concerts – they are today a living testament to what a marriage can accomplish.

You may not agree with the way the Carter’s flaunt their influence, wealth, lifestyle, beliefs and friendships, buy you’re not the Carters. And that’s also the point.

This how they capture their memories. It’s how these two document their journey together. I document mine 15 seconds at a time on Instagram, but Jay Z and Beyoncé have a much larger budget to make cooler projects. So while I stick to social media, Jay and Bey can use any freakin’ medium they want to. And it’s their choice. It’s their marriage. I can’t say that if my money wasn’t just as long, I wouldn’t be taking my son and wife and filming something just as absurd, egotistical and self-serving if not just for my own family’s entertainment.

Should that oh so fun video over get out…………………eh, so be it.

It’s got Don Cheadle in it, what’s there to be ashamed of?

It’s our damn marriage, and couldn’t every marriage use a good surfboart?

More eyes on Jay Z and Beyoncé’s every move than Cliff and Clair could have ever hoped for – whether we like it or not.

Check out Jay Z’s and Beyoncé’s trailer for their new concert “Run”



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