You Are Going To Die – Facing Your Mortality


You are going to die. It is the one and ultimate shared truth between all living things that ever existed.


Sound morbid? Of course it does. Make you feel some type of way? It should. Your life is the one thing you’re guaranteed to lose at some point and never get again. Depending on your beliefs, you may experience another form of life, but the one truth remains – you will still never experience your life in its current form again.

This is it. Your chance – your shot – your hours and minutes. Your years – your time. This is your time.

And you’re guaranteed to run out.

We all are.

Which is what makes the time you own today you’re most valuable asset. Hands down – no comparison. And you if you’re lucky enough to live in a time and place where you have a cognizant choice about how your most valuable asset is spent, you better be able to face the fact that one day you will no longer own that choice.

You have to face your mortality.

We don’t like to discuss it, so we built avoidance tools to not deal with the one single thing we all share. We build tales and folklores to understand the process of life. We pass down beliefs and construct religions to build something our brain can’t yet truly comprehend – that it will cease to exist one day.

I believe it’s our avoidance of this fact which keeps most of us locked in situations which we know aren’t good for us in the long run. We hope for better, but don’t actually do much to change things in our lives. We’re just along for the ride. We make reactive decisions rather than proactive ones.

I couldn’t live that way any longer. There’s so much we don’t have control over that I had to take control of the one thing we have available to us at all times – the ability to make a choice about the outcome of my life while I’m still blessed enough to have one.

You and I will die. In between that time, what are we doing with these precious minutes, hours, and years?




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