Music Traffic Therapy – 12 Song Playlist to Keep Myself Sane During Traffic Every Single Day

a-traffic-jam-is-seen-during-the-rush-hour-in-beijing a-traffic-jam-is-seen-during-the-rush-hour-in-beijing

If you can find me…kill me…please

I go phases of music the same way I go through food cravings. I might stick with Meek Mill for a solid 2 months while picking up a bag of spicy chicharrones every time I stopped at the gas station. Next thing you know I’m hittin’ up Mumford and Sons for about one strong week strung out on all varieties of cheesy popcorn.

Guess it all depends on my mood and whatever the hell has my attention for that week. I might be on cloud nine feelin’ myself ’cause someone just told me that my work or my words has made a difference in their life—that’s a Cruel Summer-The One-type-of-day.

Another day I might be thinking about the meaningless meetings, monotony, and endless traffic that’s awaiting me. The bullshit designed to occupy my time with drivel routine until I wake up 48 vaguely remembering all the dreams and blissful naiveté I had at used to have—that’s a Continuum-Stop This Train-type-of-day.

Then there’s traffic.

Traffic. The physical representation of all the stuffed and stored up inner angst of every person on those roads have to put up with, because they have somehow been coaxed into choosing to be a willing participant in the city’s daily constipation issues.

You are the thing that CHOSE to be what your body can’t expel at will. You are shit. You feel like shit—every day. And you’ll willingly be shit tomorrow. And the next day, and the next year, and the next 10 years after that. You’ll willingly do it until you die.


So instead of hooking a strong sharp right off the overpass, I choose to turn on my Traffic Therapy Playlist. I can usually listen a full album from the time I put the car in drive to the time I pull into my driveway, so I usually have about 12 tracks on the list give or take.

These are the tracks I ZONE ‘DA FACK OUT TO. Point.blank.period.

On any given week or month, these are tracks that probably give the most insight to how I’m truly feeling or it just might be what’s hot in the streets at that time. Most of the time it’s a mix of both.

I could also label this mix my Environmentally Friendly Playlist or b.k.a. My Green Playlist………….

So here’s the first and debut edition. Download the tracks and do traffic like I do traffic. Then come holla back at me. Let me know whatcha think.

[I use for much of my music]

That dude next to you singin’/rappin’/dancin’ his ass off by his damn self might be listening to these tracks…

1. Pink Matter – Frank Ocean

2. 50 Ways to Make a Record – Kid Cudi

3. Bad Religion – Frank Ocean

4. How It Feel – Big Sean

5. Upper Room – WZRD

6. The Fall – The Weeknd

7. Wicked Games – The Weeknd

8. Do You – Miguel

9. Speak for Me – John Mayer

10. Effictim – WZRD

11. Ready or Not – Meek Mill

12. The Party & The After Party – The Weeknd

Like any of the tracks? Love the tracks? Just hearing some of them for the first time? What’s your Music Therapy sound like? Hate the tracks? Then go kick rocks.




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