Kendrick Lamar Changes the Direction of Hip-Hop with Control Verse

Kendrick Lamar pulls an Eminem and goes Renegade on Big Sean’s “Control” from his upcoming album House of Fame.

He calls out some of rap’s new and upcoming elite by name, and make no mistake, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Kendrick has always let it be known that he’s after the title of the best MC, and he’s calling out his brethren. He also knows how the media reacts to name dropping. He knew exactly how media AND the other rappers would respond. He’s calling everyone to task to step their game up. He also know he’s the one with enough respect in the game to do so. The level of self-awareness of these new comers is fascinating and awesome.

They’re manipulating the system and laughing as they live. It’s fantastic and exactly what the game needs right now. These new legends BEEN studying the current legends like Hov and ‘Ye. They can see how Hov and ‘Ye manipulate people’s overreactions for their own benefit and Kendrick is following in a similar path.

Even more interesting than who Kendrick calls out, is all the artists he doesn’t even mention while also claiming himself to be the “King of New York.”




King of New York?


If you’re not familiar with familiar with K.Dot’s background, he proudly hails from Cali and is committing hip-hop culture blasphemy for reaching across the land to claim the title to New York. He’s already offended the not mentioned, Joell Ortiz, who’s blistering response can also be heard below.

Once again, this is exactly what Kendrick wanted to do. These MC’s have to step up to the plate now. Kendrick is saying he’s all in your backyard now…..AND claiming it. He knows that cats are too prideful to stand for that and must rise to the challenge. Kendrick is elevating the culture by elevating its voices. And if you’ve written off cats like Joell already, you’d be mistaken. The lanes are wide open and Kendrick just told these cats to go for the gold.

Kendrick Lamar is without a doubt one of the new legends in the making, and if he continues to manipulate the game like this, we’re all in for a wild ride. The critics, blogs, news feeds, and social media timelines will all take notice and judge the responses accordingly.

So rappers, if you’ve been talking your shit lately (and all rap is shit-talking to a certain degree), then it’s time to see if you’re really ’bout that life. Kendrick Lamar has called you to the plate. He’s writing the new rules borrowing from the old rules. Such is life.

Shout out to Kevin Cotto for making sure my ass sat down to digest the verse.

Big Sean Featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

Joell Ortiz – Outta Control (Kendrick Lamar response)

B.O.B. – How 2 Rap (Kendrick Lamar response)

What do you think? Did Kendrick murk it? Who is gonna give us the best response? 


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