Cigarillos optional

As my own journey continues, I’ll add people to this list that I would love to break bread with someday.  A good meal, a drink, an interview, conversation, whatever.  I’ll keep The List up and hopefully get to cross some names off as time goes progresses.  I have nothing to rely on except the connectedness of the Internet and my writing to get me there, but what do I have to lose vs. what do I have to gain?

Sounds like nothing vs. a potential string of great memories and conversations. We’re all just people, right?

These folks may be authors, celebrities, local personalities, friends, family, kids, business people, whomever.  Inspiration and interest come in all packages – you just have to recognize them.

But they’re all DOING SOMETHING.

[NOTE: There are so many that could go on this list, that I have to at least TRY and reserve it to people I’ve written about just to keep it manageable]


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