My Life is in a Spiral

My Life is in a Spiral

I find myself bucking the rules I’ve grown up on. And with each new push of the mental envelope, I find myself in new territory–a new mental space. The larger this space becomes, the more difficult it is for me to operate within the confines that I’ve grown up accustomed to. It’s suffocating.

Outside of those confines, comes a myriad of options. Too many options.

I’m spiraling away from my former life into much more of an unknown place. It’s exhilarating. It’s partially terrifying.

I could be spiraling towards a joy I never knew existed, but have always subconsciously sought out. Or I could be making some the biggest missteps in my life to date.

I honestly believe it to be the former. Call it faith. Faith in myself and the people around me.

What’s life without new experiences? What’s life without facing your fears? The safe confines are fine for some. It’s becoming glaringly obvious that it is not for me.

I think I enjoy reveling my own controlled chaos…… at least.

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