My Brother’s Bucket List

My Brother’s Bucket List

My brother, Chango, is a fool–and I love him for it.

He’s the only one who truly understands what it was like being raised as the son of David, our father.

Chango makes for a fascinating character study. He’s like the leaf at the beginning and end of Forrest Gump. He just kinda lets the wind take him where it wants to. He’s all about putting up as little friction as possible, and reveling in the notion that things just kind of work themselves out. He would be a perfect black hippie if he were born decades earlier.

Him and I have been discussing my transition from being a passive participant in life to active player. Seems some of our conversations have sparked a new-found desire to ground himself in something, and it’s been exciting to watch.

The other night he surprised me when he sent me a text telling me to check my email. I was surprised to see that my brother, master of the life floatation device, had actually sent me a bucket list.


Chango wants to proactively chase a goal?! Multiple goals?! 73 of ‘em???? What? That’s wsup! Let’s do this!

I immediately wanted to help him cross some of these items off his list, so my first step in helping is to give the list exposure. You gotta put what you want out in the world and give it a chance to land in the hands of someone in a position to help. Opportunity always presents itself in the form of a person. Sometimes helping can be as simple as spreading the word.

Many times, that’s all it is. That’s all it needs to be. Be brave enough to let your message fly and watch it amazement where it lands.

So, without further delay, my brother Chango’s Bucket List [be warned–I told you he was a damn fool]:

It’s forever growing but here’s what I have so far…


1. Skydiving
2. Deep sea fishing
3. Sail around the world
4. Visit each continent
5. Drive route 66
6. Take a picture in each state capital
7. Buy a car from South Beach Classics
8. Visit the Grand Canyon
9. Visit Mt. Rushmore
10. Visit Old Faithful
11. Visit Golden Gate Bridge
12. See wild buffalo
13. Go hunting
14. Drive an exotic sports car
15. Own an exotic sports car
16. Live on the beach for a year
17. Live in a foreign country for a year
18. Ski the Swiss Alps
19. Visit Austraila
20. Win big in Vegas
21. Earn my Masters Degree
22. Golf a perfect game
23. Drink every beer known to man!
24. Go to the Olympics as a spectator
25. Donate a million dollars
26. Own a Rolex
27. Own a Movado
28. Run a full marathon
29. Complete a triathlon
30. Watch a basketball game from center court
31. Text president Obama
32. Visit the Playboy Mansion
33. Go to Dubai
34. Open up my rib shack
35. Start a lounge
36. Finish my tattoo
37. Grow my hair out monk style
38. Have a six pack again
39. Learn to speak another language
40. Complete a crossword puzzle
41. Own stock in Apple
42. Design an automobile
43. Build my dream house
44. Time travel, baby!
45. Ride a bull
46. Bungee jump
47. Fly a plane
48. Fly a helicopter
49. Write a book
50. Smack a bitch (could be man or woman)
51. Be mistaken for someone famous for up to a day
52. Write a personal letter to all my close friends and family members
53. Meet and write a song with John Mayer
54. Have sex with Alicia Keys
55. Live in a Buddhist temple for a year
56. Invent something
57. Cure something
58. Name my second born child Kanye
59. Create a useful app
60. Stop smoking
61. Learn how to love
62. Find my motivation
63. Create the perfect playlist
64. Learn how to salsa
65. Be James Bond for a day
65. Own a sports team
66. Own some oil
67. Own some bitches
68. Own some white slaves
69. Sell my white slaves
70. Sell my bitches
71. Own a penthouse loft
72. Own 100 acres of land
73. Say I love you everyday and mean it


This is his list. As long as it’s honest, I’m ok with it. He’s the one that has to achieve and live with it. I’m just here to help where I can. Told you he was a damn fool. He wants to name his second born Kanye, but he doesn’t have a first-born yet……….love that dude.

What do you think? Can you help with any of these (don’t send me any slaves–I’ll send ‘em back)? Are you willing to share your HONEST bucket list? We would love to hear about it.

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