My List of 2014 Goals

My List of 2014 Goals

Just putting it out there. Once it’s in writing, only time will be the judge.

In no particular order:

  • Take wife on marriage retreat
  • Broker 60 points of utilities and essential business services of iWonder Group
  • Cultivate a strong winning team on my organization of ten IBO’s minimum
  • Participate in two receptions / month
  • Run first PBR
  • Prospect and broker 2 app development deals over $10,000
  • Prospect and broker 2 film commercials or over 15,000 for Devil+Details¬†Agency
  • Get real life posts and experiences of the team’s top brokers (award each with their own login)
  • Develop private group for our team including spotify playlists/shared docs/network/etc.
  • Add $2,000 / month more in extra passive income
  • Speak in front of public crowd of at least 50
  • Publish first e-book
  • Start writing 2nd e-book
  • Help wife get to her new career goal she set for herself
  • Increase BMWK articles to 3 per month – shooting for 4
  • Lake Travis Boat Trip
  • Increase posts on to 3 per month – shooting for 4
  • Publish article in Huffington Post
  • Publish article in Good Men Project
  • Publish 3 articles in Life of Dad
  • Solidify plans for 10 year anniversary
  • Keep up with wife’s new exercise regimen she made for me
  • Site redesigns and updates
  • Take my son fishing
  • Get profiled by, published in, or partner with¬†American Dreaming Magazine
  • Find My Flow
  • Read Tanning of America by Steve Stoute

Walk with me or grade me at the end of the year. Or do both.

Next Phase – Austin, TX

Focus – Get Money With People I Choose to be Around Me

What do you have planned for the year? Share your goals with us!

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  • Femi

    This is good stuff! looking forward to seeing you conquer every single one of these tasks/projects.

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